Sash Window Repair

Sash Window Repair

Welcome to Prime Renovations & Building Services, if you are looking for your sash and case window repair specialists then we can help!

We all know that having great looking traditional style sash and case windows are important for your home, not only look great but they are also very durable and long lasting when cared for correctly.

Replacing these types of windowscan be very expensive and replacing them with modern plastics windows just doesn’t have the same feel and look. This takes away the traditional style which many home owners love!

Keeping your sash and case windows in good repair can be easy. All it requires is a small investment in general maintenance, such as painting and repairing small areas. This will help the damage left by wind, water and ice.

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However flaking paint, along with missing putting, open joints and gaps around the sash window can have a huge effect on how much refurbishment will be required.

Keeping areas such as the window sills, rails and lower linings and stiles in good shape will reduce the potential risk of your sash windows falling into disrepair.

How can we help?

We have a great window repair team on hand to help you with small maintenance repairs to a full restoration service. With our proven track record over the 10+ years we deliver exceptional results at a reasonable price.

So if you’re looking for sash and case window repairs then now is the time to start protecting your windows correctly. No matter what time of year it is poorly maintain windows will only get worse as the weeks and months move on.

For our window repair and restoration service please call Danny on 07951531941 and we can give you a free quotation to get your sash windows back to perfect condition!

Please pick up your free caring guide for sash and case windows should you wish to learn more

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